Samadhi Quartz

Also known as 'Nirvana Quartz', Pink Samadhi Quartz is a remarkable crystal for healing whatever injustices the heart has suffered, whether it is unfulfilled emotional needs from childhood, shame and anger from abuse, guilt over past deeds, or the emptiness and pain caused by grief, loss of romantic love or friendships. Samadhi Quartz brings the spirit of a warm embrace, enveloping one in a pure, radiant energy of unconditional love, offering compassion, comfort, and the assurance one is never alone. It purifies and heals the heart, allowing forgiveness of the self and others, and provides an easy release of all that is holding one back. Samadhi Quartz restores one’s joy in living, bringing enthusiasm and an optimism for the future. Used regularly, it instills a permanence to one’s loving nature, helps enhance personal talents, and supports one in developing to their full potential.



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