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Blue Lace Agate Earrings With Pearl,Tanzanite $135

$135.00 AUD
Blue Lace Agate Earrings With Pearl,Tanzanite $135

Blue Lace Agate counteracts the suppression and repression of feelings that stem from being judged and rejected. Wear or carry this stone for peace & happiness. It can be used in the treatment of blockages in the nervous system and from the capillaries of the body. It is also used to mend the throat Chakra.

Tanzanite enables greater insight into life's purpose. It provides protection and increases contact with the spiritual world. It also creates calm and a relaxed atmosphere.

Pearl signifies faith, charity, and innocence. It enhances personal integrity and has been used to inhibit boisterous behavior. Pearl can also provide a reflection of the self so that one may see the manner in which one appears to others. It is highly recommended for those with temper issues.

The Blue Lace Agate Earrings With Pearl,Tanzanite $135 is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.