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Multi Stone Pendant With Smokey Quartz,Garnet,Amethyst,Peridot $108

$108.00 AUD
Multi Stone Pendant With Smokey Quartz,Garnet,Amethyst,Peridot $108

2.25cm x 4cm

Amethyst is the stone for spirituality and contentment. It can give the owner inner peace and tranquility. It bestows stability, strength, and invigoration. It has been used to encourage and support sobriety. It is an excellent stone for one who is attempting to find freedom from addictive personalities (from oneself or another).

Peridot is a great stone for romantic relationships. It adds light and brightness to life and helps one to receive abundance on all levels. It can be used in animal communication and healing and it also strengthens tolerance.

Smokey Quartz can be used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages. It alleviates ear, anxiety, depression and can be used to initiate a powerful force field which will absorb any forms of negativity. Smoky Quartz can assist with problems in the abdomen, hips, legs and even headaches.

Garnet is a highly protective stone as it provides a barrier of charged vibrations which repel negative energies on contact. It has also been used for protection after dark. A high energy stone, Garnet aides in love, compassion and imagination. It aids the base chakra give energy to the body.

The Multi Stone Pendant With Smokey Quartz,Garnet,Amethyst,Peridot $108 is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.